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Voting ends, wait for results begins in NYC mayoral primary

NEW YORK (AP) ??" The votes are in. The polls are closed. But the top contenders may have a long, anxious wait ahead of them for accurate results in New York City's mayoral primary, the first citywide election to use ranked choice voting. Several candidates in the race to succeed Mayor Bill de the...

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The Latest: Guam launching COVID-19 vaccine tourism program

HAGATNA, Guam ??" Guam is launching a vaccine tourism program to encourage citizens of neighboring countries and Americans living in East Asia to come get inoculated against COVID-19. The Pacific Daily News reports the first group of three travelers was arriving on a charter flight from Taiwan. is...

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Some used vehicles now cost more than original sticker price

DETROIT (AP) ??" When it was new, the window sticker price on a typical 2019 Toyota Tacoma SR double cab pickup was just under $29,000. Two years later, dealers are paying almost $1,000 more than that to buy the same vehicle, even though it's used. Then they're selling it to consumers for more to...

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Moderna's president talks COVID-19 and vaccine technology

Soon after a new coronavirus began spreading around the world, little-known vaccine developer Moderna began working with the U. S. National Institutes of Health to create a vaccine using a new technology. That vaccine is now one of the pillars of the U. S. COVID-19 response, with 130 million doses...

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Olympic trials pique viewer interest in Tokyo Summer Games

LOS ANGELES (AP) ??" Amid all the back-and-forth about the feasibility of holding the Tokyo Olympics during the pandemic, there are early indications of viewer interest in the summer games. U. S. Olympic team trials in swimming and track and field that aired Sunday on NBC fell short of gold-medal...

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